Friday, August 5, 2011


 Start your own business! Open to everyone

Our company is UNILOAD
It has a web site:

Traditional Loading Vs. Loadcentral
Contact Jayson : 
Mobile #: +639268280308/+639215103894
Office:  Unit 3, 3rd Floor, Lemon Square bldg, 1199 Edsa Munoz, Quezon city

Pakibasa lang po muna lahat bago magtanong.

Gusto mo ng DISCOUNTED LOAD for life?
Gusto mo ng EXTRA INCOME?
Gusto mo magsimula ng business sa MALIIT NA KAPITAL?
O gusto mo lahat yan?
Posible! At hindi mo na rin kailangang bumili ng ibang SIM! Gamitin mo ang sarili mong SIM.
                                              FREE E-LOADING BUSINESS
1 SIM Loads All!

 I’m offering FREE Retailer SIM Activation to start your own e-loading business.
This is actually worth P200 but
I’m giving it out for FREE (For a limited time only)
If you just want discounted load no problem!
If you want your OWN business but you have small capital then this is for you!!! Earn extra income for those
part-time/full-time workers, students, or unemployed. Ideal for netcafe/computer shop, sari-sari store,
canteen/foodcart/restaurant, parlors, tiangge owners, etc.
Small capital but big returns.

Here in the Philippines cellphone load is already considered as a basic need.
Remember, Philippines is the
With more than 85 Million cellphone users and about 1 Billion messages sent everyday!
The e-Loading market has a very big demand. Each person who has a cellphone
will definitely need to spend on load. Load is no more a luxury but a necessity.

Why Retailership with LoadCentral?
  • 1 SIM, 1 Phone, 1 LoadWalletJust use your existing postpaid/prepaid SIM. No need to use separate SIMs and cellphones for different networks
  • Small capitalyour only capital here is your LoadWallet. No need to purchase different Retailer's SIMs and multiple cellphones for each network. Activation and registration through me is FREE
  • Personal use – You can use this for your personal load and get discounted for life. Get up to 23% discount
  • 400+ Product variants to sell – aside from e-load and call cards, you can also sell e-pins for online games, telephone cards, internet cards, cable tv, etc. LoadCentral has the most products compared to other reloading stations
  • No monthly quota – sell your LoadWallet at your own time
  • No card inventory – your cellphone is all you need
  • No out of stock or over stock of products – products are always available
  • No minimum amount for replenishment/reloading of LoadWallet – initial LoadWallet for new retailers is only P1000. After that no minimum amount is required
  • Friendly and simple SMS commands uses short codes for easy transactions
  • Use of Vanity numbers – uses 4-digit numbers (2948/3940) to send codes for free
  • Back-up gateway numbers – if vanity numbers do not work you can use other gateway numbers
  • Internet-based webtool – aside from your cellphone, you can also use the internet to access LoadCentral’s webtool for faster transactions without the hassle of using codes and weak network signals. Transactions are free of charge
  • Menu-based commands use MyPhone with MyNegosyo features. No hassle of typing SMS commands
  • Sales reports You can make system-generated sales transaction reports through the webtool. No hassle of listing and keeping track of your sales manually
  • Security – in case of loss of phone or SIM, your money is safe in the LoadCentral system. Existing balance can be transferred to a new register account
  • Trusted company – LoadCentral is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country since 2005

You can earn up to 25% for every load/e-pin product you sell


Follow Instructions below:
 Providing Registration Details
Important Reminders:
  • Please provide true and correct information to avoid verification problems.
  • You can use any SIM (existing or new) as long as it has not been registered to LoadCentral. I recommend SMART/TNT/SUN because Globe/TM charges P2.50 for the use of vanity numbers.
  • Retailer’s SIM from other networks are not allowed.
  • Provide a working email. This is where guides, instructions and updates will be sent. I recommend using Gmail so you can use this for live chat verifications.
Just pm this info, send my EMAIL/YM: or send mms to 09268280308 for fast activation
1. Last Name:
2. First Name:
3. Middle Initial:
4. Complete Address:
5. Cellphone # to be Registered:
Then wait for me to activate your SIM as soon as possible ok

>>> Please wait patiently for the confirmation message to arrive in your mobile.  Make sure your SIM is inserted to receive the confirmation message.>>> next 

  • Retailer's Guide - contains important information about everything (pdf format)
  • LoadCentral Discount Structure - contains the product list and codes (excel format)
  • LoadCentral poster - ready for tarpaulin printing (picture format)
  • SMS/Webtool instructions - contains steps how to make transactions (pdf format)
Upon completion of your application request you will receive a CONFIRMATION MESSAGE from LoadCentral on your registered mobile number:

You are now a Retailer of 639xxxxxxxxx. Your password is 123456. To change, type Changepw<space>123456<space><6-digit pin>, send to LoadCentral access #.If you wish to change your password through SMS, create a new messagetype: CHANGEPW<space>123456<space>NEWPASS send: LoadCentral Access Numbers (2948)*

Important Reminders:
  • Please change your password as soon as possible.
  • LoadCentral provides 2 types of passwords: FL (First Level) Password and SL (Second Level)
    • FL password is used for cellphone (SMS) transactions 
    • SL password is used for internet (webtool) transactions
  • Default passwords for both FL & SL is: 123456
  • If you will use both SMS and internet to sell load, please change both FL and SL passwords. If you don't intend to use the webtool you may opt not to change your SL password. However, it will be automatically locked for your security.
  • FL and SL passwords should never be the same. This will LOCK your account.
  • To change your SL Password please refer to the Retailer's Guide.
FLTo change FL Password:
Send to LoadCentral Access Number
Example: CHANGEPW 123456 654321
LoadCentral Access Numbers (LCAN):
Vanity Numbers
*Free of charge for Smart/TNT/SUN. Maintain P1.00 balance
Back-up Numbers
Smart - 0920.945.6856 / 0920.945.6857
Globe - 0917.866.2418
Sun - 0922.850.4340

Replenishing Your LoadWallet
Initial Minimum: P1000
(No minimum requirement for succeeding reload)

STEP 1: Send Payment
3 Ways to Pay:
A. LoadCentral Office
Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
3rd flr. Comworks Corporate Center 1050
Quezon Ave., Quezon City
B. Bank Deposit
Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales
BDO: SA 253-001-3337 (Salcedo Branch Makati)
Metrobank: SA 0553-0555-17640 (Legaspi Village Makati)
BPI: SA 9661-014633 (Pasay Road)
*Deposit charge is waived for provincial deposits
C. SmartMoney Transfer
Account No.: 5577-5113-2164-6117

STEP 2: Verify Payment
3 Ways to Verify Payment:
A. Deposit Text Hotline (0928.508.3355)
If deposited at BDO
Username<space>Bank<space>3-digit branch code <space>Bank branch location<space>Date and time of deposit<space>Amount 
Example: 09181234567 bdo 123 cebu city nov 7 12:30:21 1,000 and  SEND TO:(0928.508.3355)

(Note: The BDO branch code is the 3-digit number following the letters CD below the word Uniwiz on the validated deposit slip.)

If deposited at Metrobank
Username<space>Bank<space>Bank branch location<space>Date and time of deposit<space>Amount
Example: 09181234567 mbtc cebu city nov 7 12:30:21 1,000 and  SEND TO:(0928.508.3355)

If deposited at BPI
Username<space>Bank<space>3-digit branch code <space>Bank branch location<space>Date and time of deposit<space>Amount
Example: 09181234567 bpi 123 cebu city nov 7 12:30:21 1,000 and SEND TO:(0928.508.3355)

(Note: The BPI branch code is the 3-digit number following the letters on the upper right corner of the validated deposit slip.)

For Smart Money transfers
Username must be typed in front of the message that will be forwarded to the Deposit Text Hotline.
09181234567 – 08Nov 1553: You have transferred P10,000.00 from MySmartMoney to 557511324646117 Avail bal on MySmartMoney: P10,000.00 Ref 760177227602

B. Calling LoadCentral CUSTOMER SERVICE:
Hotline Numbers for Loadwallet Concerns:
Tel. (02)9513746 / (02)9523746 / (02)9323746
Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Saturdays: 9am-12pm
932-43-03, 932-4652, 
951-18-98, 931-18-28

STEP 3: Wait for Confirmation
You will receive a confirmation message from LoadCentral notifying that your LoadWallet has been reloaded:
Your wallet has been reloaded Pxxxx.xx by LoadCentral. Your balance is Pxxxx.xx. Trace #: xxxxxxx
If after 2 hours you haven't received a confirmation try to check your LoadWallet balance first then do a follow-up.
FLTo check your LoadWallet balance:
BAL<space>SMS Password
Send to LoadCentral Access Number
Example: BAL 123456